Our flavoring system allows you to create unique flavors that your customers will find refreshing and delicious. With the Fuzionate by Electro Freeze and its unique 9-flavors-in-1 capabilities, your customers can have more control and flavor options.


  • Wide variety of flavors including seasonal favorites
  • Change flavors daily
  • Designed to blend with NSA NF Tahitian Vanilla, NF Tahitian Vanilla, Vanilla Gelato/Ice Cream, Vanilla Custard, and Italian Ice Base
  • Packaged in unique portion controlled bottle
  • No waste, no spill, no separate measuring devices
  • Long shelf life - store with dry goods

Fuzionate Specifications

For more information on Fuzionate, Honey Hill Farms, and Sugar Creek frozen dessert mixes and flavoring systems, please fill out the form below, or give us a call at 1-800-445-2715.

Our Flavor System bottles are 32 ounces (1 quart). Minimum 4 bottles per order. Price includes shipping within the Continental U.S. Additional freight charges will apply for shipping to locations outside the Continental U.S. Your order will arrive within 10–15 business days. Shelf life is one year from the manufacturing date. Store flavor bottles in a dry, cool place. Product does not require refrigeration.

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CustomBlendz Flavors

CustomBlendz flavors are designed to work with our NF Tahitian Vanilla yogurt (nutritionals), NSA-NF Tahitian Vanilla (nutritionals), Vanilla Gelato/Ice Cream (nutritionals) and Vanilla Custard (nutritionals) mixes.

Specialty Flavors

Our Specialty Flavors are stronger and designed to be used with our Italian Ice Base Mix (nutritionals).